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Saturday October 5th 2013
A paranormal investigations group S.P.I.R.I.T came to the house. The group set up equipment for 3 hours. They had very sensitive video cameras. Each camera had EMF meters, motion sensors and audio. One point during the night they had my friend Doug and myself conduct an EMF experiment. We had K2 meters with us and the group downstairs had meters. Everything was being recorded on digital recorders for possible EVP results. The results were remarkable the entities would respond to the questions we asked by lighting up the meters. The spirit of the little boy that lives in the house responded to us asking if he wanted to play ball. He responded to a specific color. The room temperature dropped 6 degrees while the session was going on. Then it was like the entities just left. The room temperature went back up. Later on in the evening downstairs, the meters responded to one of the investigators singing Old McDonald. The entities responded via the meters when we discussed the Baker Hotel and known spirits there. There is over 20 hours or video and audio that will have to be analyzed for a final verdict of the night. I am convinced after the EMF session of the validity of spirits in the house.

Saturday September 7 2013, My friend Doug Sheppard and I were standing at the foot of the stairs. My friend said "Wow i just felt a charge hit my chest." I said i was feeling the same. He then said it is going around my arms. I said the same thing is happening to me. I had the hair on my arms standing up. I then said to him it has traveled down to my legs. He admitted the same. There was a definite swirling around my legs. I then felt it move to my head. Doug said he was feeling the same. This went on for about two minutes. The sensation was that of very cold air and static electricity at the same time. the feeling was not bad at all as if it was checking us out. 

Later a neighbor stopped by to introduce himself. He went upstairs, came rushing back down, said this house out to be in a movie. I asked why and he stated it is just too haunted,. When I questioned him further he said a rush of super hot charged air hit his chest. He left very quickly mumbling this is a haunted house for sure.

8/17/2013 My Mom and Dad came to the house to check it out. I had been mowing the lawn and they knew I would be there. My Mom took two paintings left in the house by the previous owners. The next weekend she was hanging them up. She said when she hung the last picture she felt dizzy, nauseous and a crushing feeling on her chest. She had to go to the hospital. She was released the next day with nothing showing on the tests. I mention this as the other two that had been visited felt crushing feelings on their chests.
8/27/2013 My older daughter Mollie (she was visited by the spirit at home see July 21st) and I went to the house about 10:00PM. There was a production company filming a Zombie movie up and down the street my house is on. I had never been to the house at night and it was an experience. I felt I was being watched the entire time. When we left we were sitting in front of the house in my Jeep. My daughter wanted to take a picture she took one through the front class of the Jeep. I told her to get a better picture to take it out the window. I turned the jeep so she could. The picture has a definite mist in it not unlike many pictures I have taken during the day.(See photos page)   

August 10 2013

Two friends visited the house one saw a flash at the top of the stairs that could not be determined to be from an outside source. Appeared to have manifested by itself.

August 11 2013

An old axe head showed up in the front foyer in what looks like a pool of dried blood. This was not there on Saturday or Sunday morning.  Picture below. That night a friend that had been at the house was visited at his house by what he described as a malevolent entity that felt as if it was crushing his body. He said after a spiritual fight it left.


today one person went to the house and stood out front. statement was "got dizzy and light headed and headache just standing outside.

On July 21st  I brought back some old Mayan Artifacts in a frame that I found in the house. These had been left by one of the previous tenants. I had just hung them up on the wall that morning. My wife and I were preparing for a dinner party at my house. I heard something stomping upstairs and kept asking my wife which one of our children had come home. She kept telling me no one was upstairs. She finally said that was the noise she had been hearing.  Later that night my daughter came in and said who had been in her room as a glass had been broken and two of her cameras had been thrown across the room. My older daughter said early the next morning she was going to get up to go to the bathroom and something was holding her arm so that she could not get up. The experience upset her to tears. Here are her own words of what happened:” It was like I woke up turned off my alarm went back and laid down, the second I did I felt something roll literally on top of me and started squeezing like my whole body and my throat. It freaked me out so I tried screaming but it was like my voice was being choked out so I tried pushing it off and it like grabbed my arm and tried pushing me back down. This like happened for I dunno two or so minutes and I finally pushed it off. When it was off I was both scared and angry and just felt this "hahahaha I scared you" feeling”   

This will be a weekly Diary of any recorded paranormal activity or happenings in or around the house or grounds of Hill House

Sunday September 8, 2013, I was the first one in the house. The kitchen door was wide open. We have never opened it and it has a latch that can only be opened from the inside. I was the last one out and the door was not open.

Saturday September 14, 2013

Several different groups went upstairs. Upon coming down each said they felt their left knee go out on the 5th step. One felt her cell phone buzzing in her back pocket but realized it was not there. One cell phone received and unknown text then died. ATT had to sent it off had know Idea what was wrong. A past resident of the house stopped by and had many stories. One of voices talking to her infant son over the baby monitor. One person claimed to have seen the Shadow person in one of the rooms. Many people said they could feel the little boy and others the woman.  

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