A Paranormal Research Center in the Shadow of the Famous Haunted Baker Hotel, in Mineral Wells Texas.


Home was built in 1880 belonging to one of the First Founding Families of Mineral Wells.

From 1880 to early 1929 Home was used as a make Shift Hospital.

Afterwards the Home became a Haven for illegal Activity(bootlegging Alcohol and Prostitution)

Alot of Spirits still Reside in the home.

They say if you die there you never leave.

I have also heard any owners when they die they to become forever guests.

Currently owned by Edward and Katherine Estes

Due to High Levels of Activity and people unable to live in home this house has became a

World- Renowned  paranormal site for anyone

who wants to visit.

You can view our Calendar and call


Spirits and entities can smoke. Sorry as for the living, we are non-Smoking Facility

the most famous Haunted House in Mineral Wells

This picture contains Mists and if you look close you will see a possible Shadow Man  by the stop sign