A Paranormal Research Center in the Shadow of the Famous Haunted Baker Hotel, in Mineral Wells Texas.

the most famous Haunted House in Mineral Wells

The Best Place to see our videos and Pics of evidence is our Facebook page Haunted Hill House 

July 26th Grayson Paranormal-- great K-2 session everyone in the room felt temperature go down. We all had cold chills in a room that was more than 90 degrees. Tony had the little girl sit in his lap as he said. He was very cold.

June 28th lots of activity Duane Fischer's gaming camera picked up a face.(see Photo pate)

June 27 a couple came from Austin.They went into the wood room. Stayed for about 10 minutes and left very very upset and scared. We have no idea as they would not tell us.

June 22 Duane and Andy Fischer were investigating the house. We had several good K2 sessions, Later in the night one of the game cameras caught an apparition two different times and hour apart. As they were leaving a door slammed and the bells that had been put on the doorknob fell off.  

June 21th, 2014. More EVP's I was with three gusts upstairs in the bootlegger room and we had a K2 conversation in which the K2 meter and rem pod went off simultaneously in conjunction with answers. 

June 14th, 2014, One of the guests of the tour flash on her on her arm, then was bitten. The pictures show what appears to be a small child bite. we had several doors slam and could hear people walking upstairs when no one was there. Several disturbing EVPs saying get out. On one EVP there was a noise when the investigator ask what that was a female voice said Joshua, it's Joshua.

February 8th 2014-Last night's investigation of Hill House: In our opinion, the site is active. We had a few intelligent entities come through as well as some residual activity upstairs in the attic/crawl space areas. We also uncovered some hidden crawl space areas in an old chimney that we believe was used as a bootleggers "cubby" and the activity upstairs all but confirmed that suspicion. We were also able to validate two names through the ownership records that were given to us in a sealed envelope by Phil, which was handed off to our EVP Tech and was not revealed to the rest of the team until investigation close. Overall, it was a great investigation and an eventful afternoon/evening for the DPA Crew. I want to send a big THANK YOU out to Phil for alllowing us into his home. He took us for a tour around Mineral Wells then out for an amazing dinner and stayed with us to investigate throughout the evening. (I think he has a small crush on the Paranologies 360 Parascope) ;-) We had a great night at Hill House and will be back in the future! We would highly recommend this site to any other paranormal teams in the area. "

November 30th-Special Event with Rip Crew. This was an amazing night with so much activity and one of the best Pictures I have ever seen of a form in a mist. The form was the little boy on his hands and knees looking at something. Will publish that later.

November 29th Inquest Paranormal
These two are great investigators. A nice pic with something at the top of the stairs. lots of nice pics, a nice video of a black mass, EVP's, They heard singing and humming. K-2 sessions with intelligent answers
Sat. November 23rd-overnight reserved Crazy Rednecks of Texas Paranormal

Sat. Oct 25th Grayson Paranormal came in. Lots of activity up until about 1:30. One of the investigators had a small rock thrown at her while sitting on the floor, in the house using a Mel Meter. I had my Mel meter spike and the temperature dropped two degrees. I ask if there was someone there and my K-2 meter responded. Then it was as if it left the Mel meter dropped to zero as it had been and the temperature went back up two degrees. The entire group was getting readings and the normal feelings, touching etc. Waiting on the EVP and camera results. They got a response to several names. Joshua(we thing is the the little boy). Maria, Henry and Ben. 

Sat. October 5th overnight S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal out of Austin: http://www.spiritparanormal.com

This groups had a really nice K2 session. Everyone was touched and felt the Little boy entity. He was very active. One of the members sung Old Mac Donald ant there was a major hit. 3:30 AM The could hear noses and the sound of someone walking in the house.

Fri. October 11 overnight reserved Esparza Party They had feelings all night of the child entity touching them playing with hair. They had one EVO hit saying "Hi" in responce to a question. 3:30 AM noises and could hear something walking through the house. 

Sat. October 12 overnight reserved: North Texas Paranormal Research Team: http://www.ntprt.org

Lots of feeling and touching by the little boy. One really nice ORB. K2 hits and about 3:30 noises and the sound of someone walking through the house.

Sat. October 19th overnight reserved: Houston Paranormal Research Team: http://www.houstonparanormalinvestigators.com

K2 hits one of the team was touched on the back. The little boy followed the girls around the house. Several Orbs on the cameras. 3:30AM noises and the sound of someone walking through the house.

Fri. October 26th overnight reserved Mollie Party

Sat. October 26th overnight reserved Grayson Paranormal  One of the investigator s had a rock thrown at them in the house.
October 31st Heaven and Hell Paranormal. Wow K2 sessions, class a EVP's a ball was moved by the little boy spirit. 

Sat. November 2nd-overnight reserved:West Houston Paranormal Society: waiting for results www.whpsafterdark.com

Sat. November 9th-Overnight reserved Light Paranormal Investigations.Central Texas
Fri. Nov. 15-Overnight reserved Haunted Texas Paranormal What a night the best was a great K2 session with intelligent conversations. At the end we turned on the light and there was a marble by the K2 meter. No marbles in the house....

Sat. November 16th-overnight reserved Got Haunts Paranormal www.gothauntsparanormal.net