the most famous Haunted House in Mineral Wells

                                                     Haunted Hill House

                                               Release and waiver of liability

Haunted Hill House is located at 501 NE 1st Street Mineral Wells, Texas 76067. (herein after referred to as Haunted Hill house) has confirmed paranormal activity in and around the house and property. Paranormal activity has been documented in the past and is expected in the future. These are very real entities that could and have caused harm. Haunted Hill house and its owners, agents, officers and employees warrants no liability towards any damages or injury whether physical, mental, or spiritually.

The consumption of alcohol, drug use, the unauthorized possession of firearms and or explosives, including fireworks on the property is strictly prohibited.  Under-age drinkers will be arrested. Disorderly or aggressive behavior towards other patrons, employees or entities will result in immediate ejection from the venue without a refund.

***Warning due to the type and levels of Paranormal Activity, we do not recommend small children, pregnant women, persons with weak hearts and persons prone to seizures. ******

Each Person or groups visit is different. Situations vary and while most people do have some level of Paranormal experience, there is no guarantee that you will experience paranormal activity.

I, ____________________ on behalf of myself, my personal representatives and my heirs, hereby voluntarily agree to release, waive, discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnify Haunted Hill Hose from any and all claims, actions or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services or otherwise which may arise out of my participation in the above named Haunted Attraction. I specifically understand that I am releasing, discharging and waiving any claims or actions that I may have presently or in the future for negligent acts or other conduct by the owners, agents, officers, employees or paranormal entities of haunted Hill House.

_____________ I agree to no filming or pictures for commercial/Non-profit use without express consent form the owners, further 50% of any and all paranormal evidence collected by me is the property of Haunted Hill House. I further agree that 50% of any profits derived from any evidence is Haunted Hill House’s. I further agree Haunted Hill House has the rights to use for any purpose any evidence collected.

I HAVE READ THE ABOVE WAIVER AND RELEASE AND BY SIGNING IT AGREE IT IS MY INTENTION TO EXEMPT AND RELIEVE HAUNTES HILL HOUSE FROM LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE, SPIRITUALDAMAGE, WEATHER REAL OR IMAGINED, OR WRONGFUL DEATH CAUSED BY NEGLECT OR SPIRITUAL DAMAGE, WEATHER REAL OR IMAGINED, OR WRONGFUL DEATH CAUSED BY NEGLEGENCE, SPIRITUAL POSSECION OR ANY OTHRE CAUSE"Any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with this release shall be determined by the appointment of a single arbitrator to be agreed between the parties, or failing agreement within fourteen days, after either party has given to the other a written request to concur in the appointment of an arbitrator, by an arbitrator to be appointed by the President or a Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators."

Signature                                                                                                    Date: __________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian required if less than 18 yrs of age __________________________________                                                 

Please Print the below liability waiver and bring with you

A Paranormal Research Center in the Shadow of the Famous Haunted Baker Hotel, in Mineral Wells Texas.