No Refunds on Deposits for Reserved Overnight Investigations


Maria is psychic medium and my gifts include empathic, intuitive, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, love and pet psychic. Her training also includes energy worker and Reiki Master and Zero Point Integration healer. She doesn’t use tools but use herself as a conduit to assist with questions.
With the help of her spirit guides she will help in your life challenges. She is also able to help with closure for those who have crossed over. Maria is a pet psychic assisting with pets that have crossed and allowing people to say what they want to them and from pets to people.
Love and relationship help, career and finance issues are also addressed.
her number is 713-320-3301 to make an appointment.

HillHouse is 125 ft From Top 10 most Haunted Baker Hotel you will have this view from Front and back of property and we share many of the same Spirits HillHouse was the Brothel that serviced many Worthy or unworthy Patrons

​​​​​Reserved Dates AND Schedule of Events​  


March 18 TPI

March 19 TPI

March 20 OWENS

March 23rd Houston Clowns

March 29 GHU

March 30 GHU

April 6 Cucuy Chasers


April 19 Godilocks and the Bears

April 27 Womens retreat benefit( Women Shelter 

Domestic Abuse Recognition Month)

MAY 17 11:11 Paranormal

June 15th Mae Simone

June 21 Graveyard Shift

June 28 HRA

June 29th HRA

Sep 28 Shelly Wedding

All other dates are available for bookings

Please contact us to reserve a date before you pay the deposit once you have paid we will send you a confirmation email 

                           House Rules

1. No Drinking Alcohal during Investigations

2. No Smoking indoors, outside smoking area provided. Vapes are allowed with exception

3. No Ouija boards

4. No cleansing, if we feel an entity is trapped, we will deal with it.

5. Maintain professional behavior at all times, we do have neighbors.

6. Always be respectful of our entities. No prodding or insulting, or aggressiveness, etc. to get a response

7. Enjoy and have a good time

8. 13 and Older

​9. Must sign Waiver before entering house

10.No more than 10 people in home if your caught sneaking people in you will be asked to leave without  Refund and banned from the house

unless you are booked for a larger party.

11. Narrative tour starts at 8pm arrival must be by 10pm no check in after 10pm allowed

12. Small dogs are allowed in home must be trained

​have shots and Spirit Friendly


  Booking Calendar and Special   

  Events for Haunted Hill House

A Paranormal Research Center in the Shadow of the Famous Haunted Baker Hotel, in Mineral Wells Texas.

the most famous Haunted House in Mineral Wells


Special Event and Tours
Reservation Deposit 200.00 USD

T Shirts Available

Med to XL 15 plus Shipping

2 XL 17 Plus Shipping

3 XL 20 Plus Shipping

Contact 817-884-7152 to order

​​Haunted Hill House, THE OWNERS, MANAGEMENT, STAFF are not responsible for any physical or psychological residuals, issues or effects during or after your investigation. Enter at your own risk


Snacks Drinks and Paranormal Equipment Provided Home Fully Equiped with Electricity Water Heat /Ac Full Kitchen for your convienence

After Hours Investigations up to 10 guests available for 400 a night weekends Weekdays are 300 a night up to 10 guests we are open 7 days a week  As an added convenience you can also pay a $200.00 deposit to hold your night.  We are also offering daily tours please call for rates


We supply all the Ghost Hunting equipment if you need(free of Charge). We will show you how to use it and investigate with you on request. We have a 20 camera system that records all activity in all the rooms. (Cool to watch for ORBS with)