Saturday Night Reservations

2017 Up to date as of 4/22/2017

APRIL 2017

Sat Apr 22 Resv Widman

MAY 2017

Fri May  12 Resv Jennings

Sat May 13 Resv Aradia

Fri May  26 Resv Orozco

Sat May 27 Resv A Haunting we will Go

June 2017

Fri June   9 Resv Knapp

Sat June 10 Resv Haddad

Fri  June 23 Open

Sat  June 24 Open

July 2017

Fri July   7  Open

​Sat July  8  Open

Fri July 28  Open

Sat July 29 Open

Aug 2017

Fri Aug 11  Open

Sat Aug 12 Open

Fro Aug 25 Open

Sat Aug 26 Open

Haunted Hill House, THE OWNERS, MANAGEMENT, STAFF are not responsible for any physical or psychological residuals, issues or effects during or after your investigation. Enter at your own risk

Friday Night Reservations

Friday overnight $200.00. Total price for your group, which includes up to 8 guests at no additional cost. Saturday night is $250.00 total price for your group, which includes up to 8 guests at no additional cost. To reserve your night we ask to please pay in advance.

We can supply all the Ghost Hunting equipment if you need(free of Charge). We have a 16 camera system that records all activity in all the rooms. (Cool to watch for ORBS with) 


Hill House is available for overnight Paranormal Investigations and private overnight stays Fri- Sat. all year long. We only book one group at a time, we never double book the house. The overnights are exclusive for your group (a max of 8 guests) and from 5:00 PM to 8:00AM the next morning(dusk to dawn). 

Friday overnight price is $200.00 total and includes up to 8 guests at no extra charge. Saturday night is $250.00 total for the night and includes up to 8 guests at no extra charge. To reserve your night please pay in advance. Things happen and while I am sorry if it does, I cannot give refunds, but with a 24 hour notice I will gladly reschedule. We never double book. The house is exclusively for your group for the night.

Special Events are priced per event check for prices

Events, overnight stays, group Investigations and to request any other times than those listed above, you will need to be reserved in advance. Please call: 817-688-9644

  Booking Calendar and Special   

  Events for Haunted Hill House

A Paranormal Research Center in the Shadow of the Famous Haunted Baker Hotel, in Mineral Wells Texas.

the most famous Haunted House in Mineral Wells

                           House Rules

1. No Drinking

2. No Smoking indoors, outside smoking area provided.

3. No Ouija boards or similar type things

4. No cleansing, if we feel an entity is trapped, we will deal with it.

5. Maintain professional behavior at all times, we do have neighbors.

6. Always be respectful of our entities. No prodding or insulting, or aggressiveness, etc. to get a response

7. Enjoy and have a good time